Office sketch Update…

11 05 2011

Advertisements Sketch update…

11 04 2011

Did a little birthday sketch for ‘ DAMIS ‘ and  ‘ SKOPE ‘ from OAC singapore.

Sketch Update..

7 04 2011

It’s been awhile since the last time i wrote “MIST”

Sketch Update

27 03 2011


27 03 2011

Well this session was pretty much another learning session where i tried a few things which was basically saw from other influences and try working it on my own piece. Turn out to be alrite.

Street Fonts

22 02 2011

Get you self a copy of this fantastic book. Featuring  artist like Mad C, Sien&Klor , Can2 , Atom ETC…..


18 02 2011

Browsing tru a friends FB profile,from NYC .so came across a beautiful scenery picture,take by phone. So tot id give it a little touch up 🙂

Thanks Nadia! 😛

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